webinos Affiliates – Background Information

webinos Affiliates Program

A consortium composed of industrial companies, research organisations and universities is carrying out the webinos project funded by the EC. webinos is aims to create an open source platform to be widely accepted and used by anyone interested. Considering this approach contributions by other parties to the webinos platform are welcome.

Accordingly the webinos consortium has established the webinos affiliates program. It has to be noted that such program is not established by a legal entity as the consortium is not acting as a company in its own rights. Participation shall be organized by a legally declaration towards the webinos consortium. Contributions will be collected in the so–called webinos repository where also the open source contributions from the EC project are filed. At a later date, the repository shall be transferred to administrated by and provided to anyone interested by a legal entity yet to be founded.

The webinos affiliates program is a mechanism for third parties, to engage in activities initiated be the webinos project and accordingly to gain visibility in connection with webinos’ intentions.

It is part of the webinos vision to engage a wide community in the creation and use of the webinos deliverables. The long term vehicle for such engagement is anticipated to be organized via a membership in the webinos foundation (yet to be created). However, it is clear there is an immediate requirement to open the doors further to companies and organisations that are not currently parties of the webinos project consortium.

Participation in the webinos Affiliates Program is open to any organisation as a legal entity that shares the webinos vision, and is prepared to invest resources into furthering this vision.

webinos is committed to open source and open standards; affiliate members must be capable of undertaking commitments that will support these objectives.

As webinos has contractual commitments towards the EU, the webinos consortium reserves collectively the right to cancel or suspend the activities under the webinos Affiliates program if the progress of the webinos project would be delayed or affected.

Conditions of Membership

The Affiliate Program is open to any company, university, research institute or other recognised legal entity that has an interest in webinos and is committed to invest resources in its development.

An organisation must fulfil the following criteria, in order to participate in the program.

A signed form must be received (scanned, faxed or emailed) to join@webinos.org.

Affiliates Membership Form

Membership Approval Process

The membership approval process is as follows.

Incoming application shall be forwarded in parallel to the webinos General Assembly and the webinos Project management board.

The webinos General Assembly passively approves all applications. Each member of the General Assembly is given 10 working days to raise an objection (by email the the Project Management Board)to an application, with stated reason.

The webinos General Assembly delegates the active Affiliate approval process to the webinos Project Management board.

Within 10 working days the webinos project management board shall (by 2/3 majority) come to one of the following conclusions

  1. Their application has been accepted
  2. Their application has been rejected (with reason)
  3. Their application has been referred to the GA
    1. This is the default option if the Project Management Board, fails to conclude its decision within 10 working days
    2. This option is triggered if ANY objection from the General Assembly notification is received.

At the end of this 10 day period the applicant shall be informed of the status of their application.

Access to Code

webinos affiliates shall be granted access to the webinos code as released from the webinos repository. Initially this code shall be made available under the Apache 2.0 license.

This is a permissive license that allows the affiliate to reuse this code in a flexible fashion.

As soon as the webinos foundation has been created, the latter may modify or issue different governance and license terms and conditions.

webinos may therefore change the terms that future code releases will be made available under.

Contributions to the webinos repository

Any contributions that the succesful applicant may make to the repository are done so under the webinos Open Source Contribution license, which is part of the application form

Open Source Contribution License

Access to Meetings

webinos affiliates will be granted access to certain mailing lists, meetings and teleconferences. Scope and conditions of such participation will remain at the sole discretion of the relevant work package leader (WPL) of the webinos project. The WPL will make this decision based upon efficiency of progressing the work (and in order to protect certain confidential material pertaining to EU contractual matters).

But the default practice of openness towards affiliates shall prevail.

Longevity of Affiliates Program

The Beta affiliates program is a short term measure only. This shall be replaced by formal webinos foundation membership in the near term. However, the rights and obligations of a participant shall remain effective, especially with regard to the contributions provided.

The webinos consortium therefore reserves the right to terminate this program, immediately, with no notice. Such right shall apply to the whole program as well as to participation of individual participants.