Bio- Claes Nilsson


Claes Nilsson is working as senior researcher at the Technology Research department of Sony Mobile (previously Sony Ericsson) since 2007. Main focus is mobile web technology and Claes has been working within this area since 1994. Current working tasks are for example internal and collaborative research projects, standardization and prototyping/demos.

In the past Claes has worked on; OMA standardization, operator requirements management and the development of embedded real-time systems.

More recently he has participated in the following projects:

  • Sony Mobile contributor to webinos EU research project, with main focus on leadership of the specification of device APIs for web applications
  • Internal Sony Mobile research and prototyping projects relating to APIs and service discovery for web applications
  • Sony Mobile participant in the W3C DAP WG and in the W3C Web Intents task force
  • Editor of the W3C “Web Intents Addendum for local services” specification

Webinos interests

Claes is involved in the leadership of specifications of device APIs for web applications withing webinos.


Representing: Sony Ericsson