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webinos is now welcoming new participants.

Background on webinos Affiliates

webinos Affiliates Application Form

As part of the webinos Affiliates program we welcome all companies, research institutes and universities, who have an interest in the future of web applications.

webinos is an Open Source project, we therefore will require a few legal forms signing before you can fully participate, but once done this will allow you to:

  • join the internal webinos forums
  • attend the webinos meetings
  • contribute webinos code
At some point in the future full webinos membership will be charged for – this is required long term to fund the administration of the project . But not now. Whilst we are still growing, and until we formally create the webinos legal entity webinos Affiliate membership is free of charge – all we expect is some indication of where you think you can add value to our ongoing project.
If you are interested in helping shape the next generation of web applications. email webinos at
Download and fill in the webinos Affiliates forms here.

Note: webinos is an open source project, as such much of the material will be in the public domain anyway. Certainly all the code will. Affiliates membership grants you access to the key decision making groups within the project, and gives you the opportunity to influence the future direction of the project.

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