Webinos App Challenge

* Applications are closed *

We are proud to announce our 2nd cross-screen App Challenge in conjunction with the 3rd annual Media Web Symposium which is scheduled in Berlin, Germany for March 14th and 15th and is organised by Fraunhofer FOKUS.

After a great 1st App Challenge we decided it’s about time to reach out again for your help and outstanding coding skills. 

What is webinos cross-screen app challenge?

You are invited to build cross-screen apps using webinos. The best ideas will be announced on March 7th and the finalists will be presented in March 14th and 15th at the 3rd annual FOKUS Media Web Symposium . The winners will be treated to some cool prizes.

How do I win?

Our panel of judges will select up to 10 finalists. We are looking for cool and innovative uses of webinos in apps using the capabilities of more than one devices. The finalists will be invited to attend the webinos App Challenge Awards event in March 14th which will be done in conjunction with the 3rd annual FOKUS Media Web Symposium. The full Terms and Conditions are available by clicking here.

Who are the judges?

We are proud to have four highly esteemed cross-domain cross-industry experts as judges for our App Challenge. Here is the panel (hint: click photos for mini-bios):


Alan Baldwin Katrin Jordan

Simon Isenberg

Claes Nilsson
Samsung Deutsche Telekom BMW Sony Mobile


What are the prizes then?

First of all, Publicity. You will be a rock star of the coolest open web-based multi-platform technology! You will be featured in our communications and media channels, invited to webinos events and get the opportunity to meet and network with webinos partners.

But this is not all.

Some serious Amazon vouchers await the winners of the cross-screen app challenge to help fullfil their gadgetary dreams and not only.

  • 1st prize 800EUR voucher
  • 2nd prize 400EUR voucher
  • 3rd prize 400EUR voucher
  • 4th prize 200EUR voucher
  • 5th prize 200EUR voucher

How can I enter the competition?

Entering the competition is a 4-step process. We will announce more details in the next few days but here is the overview.

What’s the timeline?

The 2nd webinos App Challenge was completed with the awards event that took place in conjunction with the 3rd FOKUS Media Web Symposium on March 14th in Berlin. Thanks to all for the participation and support.