cataniaThe University of Catania represents, for a large number of users of south-eastern and central Sicily, the reference point for the need for scientific competence in the area of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT). In the last years several profitable collaborations have been activated with the local actors, ranging from the SMEs to the multinational enterprises, from the local agencies to the public enterprises, which constitute the productive issue of the local area.

With regard to webinos Unict people belonging to the DIEEI research group is involved for a total of 37 PM. The main benefit will be to exploit results providing course materials, know-how and research topics, increasing its skills on middleware’s for heterogeneous and distributed systems, for mobile ad-hoc networks and strongly decentralised systems, and on pervasive environments and ubiquitous computing. Such skills will be acquired in industrial and scientific collaborations, as well as in future national and European research projects.