telefonikaTelefónica is one of the world leaders integrated operator in the telecommunication sector, providing communication, information and entertainment solutions, with presence in Europe, Africa and Latin America. It operates in 25 countries. As of June 2011, Telefónica’s total number of customers amounted to 295 millions:

  • 227.3 million mobile phones accesses
  • 40.69 million fixed telephony accesses
  • 18.9 million Internet and data accesses
  • 3.1 million pay TV accesses

Telefónica operates under different commercial brands (Movistar, Vivo and O2) and it also includes other digital services (e.g. Jajah, Tuenti…) in its solution portfolio. Telefónica needs to continue developing and offering new services, and in order to do so open platforms and Operating Systems are required. Due to that Telefónica is involved in different initiatives that pursue this target, being Webinos project one of them.

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