telecomitaliaThe Telecom Italia Group operates in all the sectors of the advanced communications chain, with highly developed business in fixed-mobile communications and the Internet with the brands Telecom Italia, TIM and Virgilio; multimedia and television (La7, MTV Italia); in the office & system solutions (Olivetti); in research and development (Telecom Italia Lab). It is present mainly in Europe, the Mediterranean Basin and South America. At June 30, 2011, the Telecom Italia Group is one of the largest fixed telecommunications operators, with 15 mln physical accesses in Italy and a broadband portfolio equal to 9.1 mln accesses (over 7.2 mln retail and 1.9 mln wholesale). The Group has also 31.3 million mobile telephone lines. Abroad, TIM Brasil is the second largest operator by number of mobile lines (55.5 mln), providing mobile telephone and convergent services. In Argentina, the Group has recently increased its stake in Telecom Argentina S.A., (reaching an economic interest equal to 21,1%) through which it carries out its main activities (fixed telephony, data transmission and internet).

Telecom Italia was one of webinos promoter and is contributing to the project within its Research and Prototyping deps.

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