Politecnico-di-Torino1The TORSEC Security group performs research in the field of ICT security. It is established within the Dipartimento di Automatica e Informatica (i.e. Department of Computer and Control Engineering) of the Politecnico di Torino. The group’s activity is mainly concerned with – but not restricted to – the following topics:

  • Computer security (trustworthy computing, platform integrity and data privacy)
  • Electronic identity, user authentication/authorization and identity management
  • Design and optimization of network shields (by means of firewalls and secure channels, such as VPN or TLS/SSL)
  • Electronic commerce (Internet and mobile payment systems)
  • System security (security planning and audit, intrusion detection and tracing, forensic analysis).

During the Webinos project lifetime, it is expected that this security know-how will be enriched, at least in the following topics:

  • Formal specification of security requirement for multiplatform applications
  • Risk analysis of mobile architectures
  • Modelling of attacks and attackers
  • secure development of web-based applications

The participation in Webinos allows to apply and improve competence in security and usability requirements of mobile systems, usable security design and development, secure coding in mobile and web-based application, practical deployment of distributed trusting in dynamic application environments, as well as lightweight Authentication-Authorization-Accounting architecture design and implementation. Practical exploitation objectives of the POLITO/TORSEC participation in Webinos are:

  • To earn direct consultancy revenue from selling security expertise
  • To improve its research and teaching proposal, in order to attract regional, national and European-wide partnerships, as well as brilliant students for MSc and PhD
  • To improve its publication record by writing papers about security of future Internet-enabled convergent platforms