impleoImpleo is a proven technology consultancy and delivery provider within the Telecoms, Media and Broadcast and Location Based Solutions sectors and is a founder member of the Webinos Consortium.

Impleo combines skills and expertise from across the sectors to provide professional services and solutions to the rapidly changing and converging markets within which we operate. Our customer base includes Alcatel-Lucent, Motorola, Nokia Siemens,Google, Arieso, Aircom, Network Rail, GHD, BT, Asset Outlook, MyDrive, JourneyIP,.

Webinos innovations allow in-vehicle applications to communicate with TV/Media applications to communicate with mobile device applications, meaning not just new technology, but new and disruptive business opportunities

As a company currently operating across the three distinct but converging industries, Webinos’ technologies offer Impleo the potential dual benefits of:

  • Reducing cost and effort of developing solutions through the use of widely embraced, open source components;
  • New business opportunities for Impleo and its customers in the development of cross-platform as well as platform specific solutions

Impleo consults on and delivers solutions where security and network efficiency are of paramount importance. The Webinos focus,combined with the broad industry backing from the consortium strengthen the Impleo proposition in these areas. Presently, Impleo’s Webinos related business consists of:

  • A consultancy service, providing:
  1. state of art advice and development support for HTML5 web and widget technology;
  2. Secure cloud deployments;
  3. Technology development and strategic consulting in the areas where emerging web technology impacts TV, Automotive and media industries.
  • Development skills and solution provision comprising
    1. A webinos based platform for running ultra secure web applications
    2. Solutions to ensure effective operation over bandwidth constrained network
    3. webinos based vertical solutions for vehicle based asset tracking and mobile workflow scenarios

As the underlying Webinos technology matures and is more widely adopted, Impleo is confident of expanding its capability and the breadth of solutions to which Webinos technology and Impleo’s expertise can be applied.

Impleo is able to offer consultancy and training in the Webinos technologies themselves. To contact Impleo please visit the Impleo website or call on +44 (0) 1793 859070.