Visit our webinos booth (location 5C7) at the ICT 2013 in Vilnus!

Ok, that’s the most important part of the message delivered. Now for some more details.

We are a little bit a victim of our own versatility at the exhibition. The exhibition is divided into five thematic areas, named “digitally empowered citizens”, “smart and sustainable cities for 2020+”, “industry and business for tomorrow”, “intelligent connecting intelligence”, and “culture, science and creativity”.

And webinos would fit into any of these (some more, some less). The privacy and policy driven concepts of webinos are empowering citizens digitally, the IoT solutions webinos offers aim at smart and sustainable cities, with the upcoming webinos foundation, we are aiming at the industry and the business for tomorrow and the personal zones and their connectivity are an example of intelligent connecting intelligence. (Admittedly, the culture, science and creativity topic is a bit underrepresented in webinos – but only just…)

But for the exhibition we had to decide on one of the areas, so you will find the webinos booth in the “digitally empowered citizens” area in hall 5.

So don’t be surprised if you find us in an area that covers mainly projects related to medical topics (our direct neighbors cover metabolic disorders and diabetes) you are in the right place for webinos. And if you are just in the area for the health theme, of course we can show you our health hub and the use of webinos to securely handle sensitive health and fitness data.

But we can also show you all the other areas that webinos is active in – demonstrating various IoT devices, the webinos IoT dashboard, the webinos TV installation, demonstrating media handling and payment across the large screen and a number of tablets, a quadcopter as an actuator (at least until we crash the spare one as well, so come early…) and our webinos in-car display.

So there’s a lot to see – come and see it live at booth 5C7!

webinos booth at ICT 2013 during set-up