webinos Foundation Launch Event, 22nd of November 2013

Time: 12:30 – 13:30, http://www.campuslondon.com/

Connecting devices securely using web technologies

Be part of the secure movement in web technology

To celebrate the creation of the webinos foundation the webinos consortium is running a launch event.

Register: http://openiotecosystem.eventbrite.co.uk/

We will demonstrate the current array of webinos enabled devices and applications to potential foundation members. The day will include talks from members of the webinos team as well as industry experts along with live demonstrations of the application and device suites that have been developed so far.


First come first served basis – choice of Raspberry PI or AndroStick (TV) systems (subject to availability)

In order to get hands on experience of the platform, free evaluation kits will be given out running on Raspberry Pis or Androsticks (for TV-media configuration). These kits will allow developers and prospective foundation members to understand first hand how webinos works and how versatile it is.

Also available will be software installers for PC, Linux, Mac and Android



Who should attend:
  • Device manufacturers: Personal Computers, Smartphones, Tablets, Home Entertainment, TVs, in-car units, Internet of Things, Machine-to-Machine
  • Telecommunication operators
  • Application Developers
  • System Integrators
  • Research and Academia: information technology and computer science
  • Journalists and Technology writers
How can I benefit:
  • Technology briefings from industry experts
  • Live demonstrations of the technology in action
  • Hands on workshops and how to guides
  • Join-up: become part of the webinos community
  • FREE evaluation kits












What is webinos?

Connecting Devices using open, easy to use, evolved web-technologies is the primary objective of the webinos foundation.

webinos has been created for Internet of Things Devices such as: Mobiles, PCs, Tablets, Automotive, TVs and Sensors. By defining JavaScript APIs that access features on these devices, connecting these devices with innovative networking technology and securing the end to end user experience, we realise a vision where not only all of your devices, but devices from different people can cooperate seamlessly.

The webinos technology stack has been created with the web developer in mind, and supports JavaScript and HTML applications as first class citizens. The technology is however equally applicable to Native Application Developers.

Code has been released under an Apache 2.0 license for Windows, Linux. OSX and Android platforms already. All specifications have been defined under a Royalty Free IPR framework. The recently created webinos foundation, is built on Open Governance principles and is accepting membership and board nominations.

Specifically webinos delivers three distinct but complementary things

  • Application Framework: A fully open platform for creating versatile, optimised HTML5 based applications for TVs, Cars, Mobiles, PCs and Internet of Things Devices
  • Communication Framework: A communications protocols that allows a device to discover and use the resources and services on bound devices, both over the internet and local networks
  • Security Framework: A comprehensive, open and fully distributed security model that underpins the App framework and Communications Framework


Four gateways:

To help underline the versatility of the webinos platform we have pre-prepared four gateways, with different contexts of use, different connected devices and different application suites. All use the same underlying framework.

  • TV: integrated multi device TV and multimedia consumption
  • Vehicle: head unit integration, black box systems and ODBII interfaces
  • Home automation: weather station, Arduino boards, FS20 thermostatic valves, Sensor stations and IoT dashboard
  • eHealth: Heart rate, blood pressure and blood sugar monitor

What makes webinos special

A single open technology stack is used to communicate between devices, whether it be TV, Car, Mobile or Thermometer

  • No single point of control: an innovative distributed architecture is used to connect and secure devices – but this can be done peer to peer, without a single all-encompassing portal
  • Each device supports a rich HTML5+ application framework for writing rich applications
  • Each device can publish as well as consume services; each device is a connectable server in its own right
  • Driver model: webinos supports a powerful driver model, whereby any pre-existing piece of hardware can be made to interoperate with the rich webinos ecosystem be writing a simple driver
webinos members

At a glance:

webinos Foundation Launch Event

22nd of November 2013

Time: 12:30 – 13:30



Register: http://openiotecosystem.eventbrite.co.uk/