At this year’s international broadcasting fair IFA in Berlin from Sept. 6-11, Fraunhofer FOKUS will be showing webinosTV – an application to demonstrate the technology of the webinos platform. The goal is to provide the seamless interaction with media stored across personal devices. With webinosTV you have unified and easy control over various content flows with focus on end user consumption experience.

Every day we use screens, tablets, audio players and a large amount of other connected gadgets to consume various media. Our media content is available via network storage devices, cloud services, cameras, MP3 players and other devices. At the same time interoperability between devices is sparse at best. Too much know how and effort is needed to get even simple interaction between devices going.

With webinosTV Fraunhofer FOKUS showcases how it is possible to provide a unified cross-device, cross-domain and cross-platform application, for mastering distributed digital content.

  • webinosTV provides access to consolidated and shared content for consumption.
  • webinosTV allows communication between all connected personal devices independent of platform and operating system.
  • webinosTV utilizes the concept of personal zones to enable a secure and convenient usage of services.

Further benefits by using the webinos platform include easy device discovery, secure synchronization and preservation of user privacy.

Come visit us at IFA. We will be presenting webinosTV in the TecWatch Hall 11.1, Sept. 6-11, at our Fraunhofer FOKUS booth.