On June the 24th I had the chance to present webinos at the EuroITV 2013 (http://www.euro-itv.org/) conference.

The main topic of the conference was, as stated in the title, the future of Television in the European context. Many researchers presented very interested papers and the audience was quite heterogeneous.

Botsikas Christos from National Technical University of Athens, Lasak Martin from Fraunhofer FOKUS and Vergori Paolo (myself) from Istituto Superiore Mario Boella submitted a paper titled “webinosTV: the multi-screen switchboard for seamless interaction with distributed content”. The paper was accepted and we had the opportunity to have a dedicated session on one of the workshops for introducing the webinos project, focusing on the webinos TV platform.

The presentation itself gathered a lot of interest, but the most interesting part was the open discussion that followed up. The general perception (bare in mind that this comes from an insider of the webinos project) was that despite the fact that a lot of projects and research efforts are nowadays focusing on the same topics as webinos, the webinos project has managed to aggregate and harmonize these research questions in a way that no one has done before.

The most satisfying part was addressing questions brought by the audience. I am not talking about the typical general questions that usually try to demystify some presentation parts or questions raised to provide a different (totally unrelated most of the times) angle. I am talking about the very technical questions that indicate that the asking person is deeply involved and interested in the field and tries to correlate the presented technology to his research activities. Another funny indication that the presentation was well heard was the fact that some questions ended up in general disputes between the researchers, each one supporting their own thesis. The most memorable examples of such disputes, was the one in regard to the future evolution of web technologies and the one concerning security enforcement points in a distributed architecture.

Finally, I was pleased to see a lot of consensus when I stated that webinos is horizontally covering most of the cutting edge research areas, especially those with great momentum and I was reassured that we, as a project,  can respond to a lot of research questions that are still open.