The SmartEnergyMonitor is a webinos application which monitors sensors (temperature, humidity, etc.) and controls actuators (light switch, etc.) available in the personal zone. The application is developed at the competence center Future Application and Media FAME at Fraunhofer FOKUS

The video above shows the application running on an Android Phone and an Arduino Board to which light, temperature and humidity sensors as well as light switch actuator are connected. Both, the Android Phone and Arduino Board run PZPs which are connected the the same PZH. Due to resource limitation on the Arduino Board, it implements only basic functionalities of a PZP mainly register services for all sensors and actuators as specified in the generic webinos Sensor and Actuator APIs. The application running on the smartphone is implemented using purely web technologies and frameworks such as jQuery Mobile and webinos Discovery API to discover all sensors and actuators registered in the personal zone. The user can select a sensor from the list to monitor it or an  actuator to control it. For this, the application uses the Service.bind() function which is also provided by the Discovery API to connect to a specific sensor or actuator service exposed by Arduino Board.


  • Monitor temperature in the kitchen

Monitor temperature

  • List of available sensors

List of Sensors

  • Light in the kitchen is On

Light in the Kitchen is ON

  • Light in the kitchen is Off

Light in the kitchen is Off