The 6th Panhellenic Electrical and Computer Engineering Students Conference (ecescon 6 – σφημμυ 6) was a great opportunity to present the potential for developing cross-platform connected applications with webinos to future Greek engineers.

The presentation that took place on the 28th of April focused on the webinos architecture and the ease by which web applications can be augmented and even be made possible with minimum effort using webinos, showcasing some of the best demos created for the platform, as well as the most successful entries in the latest App Challenge.

The webinos booth at the exhibition area was the perfect opportunity for the young developers to have a hands-on experience with the platform in order to be inspired to start developing webinos-enabled apps and to brainstorm together with members of the webinos team for potential entries in the next App Challenge.

webinos @ ecescon 6 Location: Novotel Athenes, Greece

Dates: 26,27,28 April 2013

Presenters: Christos Botsikas, Christos Ntanos