On the 14th of March 2013, webinos was excited to announce the winners of the 2nd webinos App Challenge and to award the prizes. The awards event was hosted by the 3rd FOKUS Mobile Web Symposium in Berlin. The audience had the opportunity to watch a video mentioning all finalist apps and the names of the winners, along with a short demo of the winning app showcasing an easy and fun way to combine several devices to create collaborative rhythms on a drum machine. The host and the judges represented by Samsung, Sony Mobile, BMW and Deutsche Telekom, acknowledged the efforts and energy that the winners had put into developing apps on a still new platform.


During the awards event we had the opportunity to host the 1st prize winner Lorenzo Cafforio live over skype video call and have a chat about his experience developing on webinos.

The names of the finalists are:

1st place Lorenzo Cafforio – webinos-beats (webinos enabled drum machine)

2nd place Vassilis Milonakis – A Webinos Enabled Collaborative Projector

3rd place Spyros Vris – Spocked! (scissors, rock, paper game)

4th place Istvan Koren – Maps Projector

5th place George Tsimpis – Chat Machine

Thanks to everyone for their effort in putting this together and stay tuned for more details about the awards event and app videos.