W3C has published a new edition (the ninth one) of Standards for Web Applications on Mobile, an overview of the mobile Web applications technologies. This document summarizes the various technologies developed in W3C that increase the capabilities of Web applications, and how they apply more specifically to the mobile context.

A deliverable of the webinos project, this edition of the document highlights changes since November 2012, including the advancement of HTML5 to Candidate Recommendation. This edition integrates and highlights technologies identified in the Core Mobile Web Platform 2012, a report published by the Core Mobile Web Community Group. In addition, key topics now link to related materials on WebPlatform Docs or in a W3DevCampus on-line training course.

The report covers key standards track events as well as upcoming work. Specifically, the features that these technologies add to the Web platform are organized under the following categories: graphics, multimedia, device adaptation, forms, user interactions, data storage, personal information management, sensors and hardware integration, network, communication and discovery, packaging, performance & optimization.