In the previous blog I mentioned that we produced a video showing the new webinos demos. The primary purpose of this was to have a back-up in case we had problems with the real application demos in Barcelona, so at least we could show visitors something.

We didn’t really need the video there, since we could show the demonstrations ‘live’, but it was nice to show it on a monitor in the background and also be able to use it as a kind of ‘upcoming presentations’ reel to talk about applications that would be shown later that day and weren’t present at the booth at that moment.

But not everyone went to the Mobile World Congress (even though it often feels that way) and the video is too nicely done to just throw it away after the event, so we uploaded it to our webinos YouTube channel.

So here it is:


It features the following webinos applications:

webinos Connected TV – transferring and playing media from multiple users across multiple devices

webinos Cross Device Payment – combining video-on-demand with a mobile wallet

webinos File Share – sharing files among devices without a central server

webinos Travel – managing travel plans and points of interest across devices

webinos Emergency Warning – using a web application to provide emergency warnings without sharing personal information

webinos Party Player – allowing guests to play their own music at a party and collectively decide on the party playlist.