With webinos connecting the user’s devices we were inspired to develop mobile payment across connected screens and demonstrate its ease of use, its potential and further opportunities.

Increasingly users will shop for goods and services also through their internet-enabled TV, their tablet or any connected device with a User Interface. Manually inserting payment credentials at each device at each shopping event is time-consuming, …and could be handled in more efficient way.

Through the webinos personal zone, a user can securely connect his range of devices with his mobile device, providing the connected devices with secure access to services and functionality provided on his mobile device.

Having a mobile wallet or payment functionality supported on a user’s device, enables him thus to use this – easy and securely – for any shopping done on another screen.  This could facilitate shopping on TV, through the car-infotainment system, through another mobile device, … The demo provides an example, using the Future Wallet by Telekom Innovation Laboratories to show, how – through webinos- payment across devices could be offered in easy and secure way.

 Webinos payment across screens scenario

Meet us at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 25/2-28/2, 2013. You’ll find us at W3C Booth # 8.1 H49 and at the Mobile Monday Athens Booth # 8.1 K30 – in Apps Planet.

Get in touch with us and watch our demonstration

W3C Booth(8.1H49):

  1. Monday: 16.30Uhr
  2. Tuesday: 15:00Uhr
  3. Wednesday: 10:30Uhr

Mobile Monday Athens Booth (8.1K30):

  1. Monday: 15.30Uhr
  2. Tuesday: 11:30Uhr
  3. Wednesday: 11:30Uhr

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