W3C announced today the new Automotive and Web Platform Business Group to accelerate the adoption of Web technologies in the automotive industry. The group convenes developers, automotive manufacturers and suppliers, browser vendors, operators and others to discuss how to enhance driving, safety, and passenger entertainment with the Open Web Platform. The group will first focus on defining a Vehicle Data API that will create new opportunities for automotive services via the Web.

New Group Will Accelerate Adoption of Web Technologies for Automotive

The initial plans of the new Business Group are to:

  1. Create specifications, starting with a Vehicle Data API Specification.
  2. Create conformance tests to cover new specifications that get defined.
  3. Provide use cases and other reports to identify additional needed standards work and to drive successful automotive web deployment.

W3C invites all organizations and individuals interested in bringing the Web and automotive industries together to join the Automotive and Web Platform Business Group. Join soon!!

W3C community logoW3C Business Groups give W3C Members and non-Members a vendor-neutral forum for collaboration on the development of the Web in the near-term. Business Groups do not create W3C standards, but they do develop reports, use cases, requirements, and other forms of input to the W3C standardization process.