iMindsiMinds, the Interdisciplinary Institute for Broadband Technology (, is an independent research institute founded by the Flemish government to stimulate ICT innovation. iMindsis an internationally recognized multidisciplinary ICT research centre (looking at technological, legal, business and sociological aspects) and enables accelerated development and exploitation of new ICT products and services in strategic sectors. iMindsstimulates research that addresses current social and economic issues within Culture & Media, Health Society, ICT & Energy, Sustainable Mobility, and Social & Secure ICT.

At iMinds, work on the webinos project is executed by IBCN, the INTEC Broadband Communication Networks research group. IBCN is a leading telecommunications and software research group of iMinds based in Ghent, Belgium. IBCN is part of the Department of Information Technology (INTEC) of the Ghent University (UGent). IBCN was established in 1992 and currently counts around 120 members, including 10 professors and 20 post-docs. The group has participated in numerous European Research Projects in the ACTS- and IST-framework and is currently involved in several IST FP7 projects. IBCN’s current research scope is significantly relevant to the webinos project and extends from networks to applications, and covers complex network architectures and protocols; emerging mobile and wireless networks; and innovative service delivery architectures & software applications such as mobile and ubiquitous internet. The IBCN group is also responsible iLab.t, the experimental infrastructure of iMinds, that hosts an extensive set of user devices, network technologies, and advanced testing and measurement equipment, as well as adequate connectivity.

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