This report aims to document the evaluation of webinos’ first demonstration phase. The evaluation approach is based on the verification of success criteria, documented in webinos’ demo framework. In order to do so, a coverage and gap analysis is performed for each of the existing webinos demo applications by its developers. The online impact of the demo assets is monitored via trend analysis of both online and social media. Furthermore, the performance of webinos’ demo preparation and presentation activities are evaluated from a demonstration presenter’s perspective.

The evaluation data is subsequently used as a starting point for extracting optimization recommendations for webinos’ product assets as well as processes. A total of 22 recommendations have been issued in this deliverable. These recommendations have been fed back to webinos’ demo framework, as well as the other webinos work packages. The recommendations aim to serve as optimization input for the project’s second execution phase.

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download pdf: D6.3_PUBLIC_evaluation_of_phase_I_demonstration_activities