The objective of this document is to provide feedback and recommendations to the webinos platform developer team based on developer experiences with the platform. The overall purpose is to improve the webinos platform, based on user evaluation, so that the platform better meet the needs of app developers interested in using the platform.

Two developer experience surveys were conducted within a period of 3 months between each other. The evaluation methodology was in essence the same for both surveys, and it followed a user-centred approach to gathering user experiences with an emphasis on gathering qualitative feedback from the developers (i.e. the users of the webinos platform). Findings, observations, and recommendations were gathered and analysed through both webinos developer experience surveys.

The first survey was held in conjunction with the webinos face to face meeting in Catania, February 2012, whereas the second developer experience survey was conducted online in the period of May-June 2012. By gathering qualitative data about developer experiences with the webinos platform, it is possible to improve the platform based on first-hand user feedback, and therefore to accurately address their needs. It is also possible with such user data at hand to look for both problems and positives in which the survey participants seem to have in common. The shared problems are recommended to be addressed and prioritised first by the platform developer team.

The findings and data sets of both surveys seem robust, because the survey participants indicated many of the same issues – both within and across the surveys – with their open ended responses. Even though the questions were formulated differently in the surveys, many of the same problems were elicited and directly present in both. Further research on webinos developer experiences in form of findings, observations, and recommendations from developer experience surveys will be conducted as part of the second phase in the project. It is proposed to follow the same evaluation methodology by conducting two more surveys within the final year of the project. The questions from the two previous surveys might be consolidated to form the upcoming surveys.

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