We are excited to announce webinos’ support for Chrome OS. This port allows you to easily install webinos on your Chromebooks and Chromeboxes running Google’s Web-centered operating system.

As already elaborated by Nick Allott in one of hisĀ previous post on this blog [1], it is important to understand that webinos is not a Web-based operating system. The webinos platform should rather be considered a complement that aims to stimulate multi-device innovation. Now, with webinos’ Chrome OS port we want to emphasize this statement and further hightlight our platform’s position as well as its added value with regards to Web-based operating systems.

We have documented detailed instructions on how to install and run webinos on your own Chrome OS device. As for all our webinos installation tutorials, these instructions can be found on the developer portal [2].

Once you have set up your device, you should be ready to run webinos and try out some of the applications and demos. The following screenshot, e.g., shows a Samsung Chromebook Series 5 running webinos’ App Challenge 1st prize winner [3], Dimitris Kateros’ Word Battle game.




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[2] Webinos developer portal: Chrome OS platform, https://developer.webinos.org/platform/chromeos

[3] App Challenge wrap-up: winners and awards event, http://www.webinos.org/blog/2012/10/24/app-challenge-wrap-up-winners-and-awards-event