First webinos App Challenge winners announced

On the 22nd of October 2012, webinos presented the winners of the 1st webinos App Challenge and awarded the prizes. The audience had the opportunity to see some great demos of the apps showcasing webinos features including: an easy and fun way to combine several devices to create a virtual tiled multi-screen-display for photos or even google maps, a collaborative cross-device drawing board and two cross-device multi-player games: a Poker and a Word Battle game. The host and the judges represented by BMW, Deutsche Telekom, Samsung, Sony and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), acknowledged the efforts and energy that the winners had put into developing apps on a rather new platform. The awards event was hosted by Mobile Monday Athens.

The four finalists were:

Dimitris Kateros with the “Word Battle” game Istvan Koren with the “Tiled Image Viewer” and “Multi-screen maps” apps Romanos Tsouroplis with the “Webinos poker” game Jim Keramidas with the “Webinos enabled whiteboard” app
Well done guys you did a great work! (Hurray!^3) .

Awards event at Mobile Monday Athens

On the evening of Monday October 22nd, webinos held the first App Challenge awards ceremony. The awards were hosted in conjunction with the “Cross-screen development” themed Mobile Monday Athens, in the Electra Palace Hotel in Athens.The evening started with some informative, inspiring and overall excellent talks from: Sofia Svanteson (Founder & Chairman at Ocean Observations), Sergio Falletti (Director at Future Platforms) and webinos partners Andreas Constantinou (Managing Director at VisionMobile) and Nick Allott (Founder of UbiApps and Technical Coordinator at webinos). Nick Allottpresented webinos to the MoMoAth audience highlighting the vision, the positioning against other projects such as Tizen, Boot2Gecko and Mozilla, as well as key technical, security and openness aspects of webinos.
During the App Challenge awards session Andreas Botsikas from NTUA presented the finalist apps before announcing the winners. 1st Prize (a Samsung Note 10.1″ tablet, an Android watch and a Android HDMI stick):

Dimitris Kateros for his “Word Battle” game. So, an extra special “well-done” to Dimitris! 

2nd-4th prize (Sony XPERIA S phone, an Android watch and a Android HDMI stick):

Istvan Koren with the “Tiled Image Viewer” and “Multi-screen maps” apps Romanos Tsouroplis with the “webinos poker” game Jim Keramidas with the “webinos enabled whiteboard” app

Following the prize giving, the evening closed with an informal get together of the attendants. It was a great night and an excellent wrap up of the webinos 1st App Challenge. It was exciting to see developers outside our project doing some great hands-on development on webinos. Very importantly, it provided us with valuable feedback on issues and improvements that will help bring webinos to the next level. At this point, we want to say a special “thank you” to our friends at Mobile Monday Athens for hosting the awards event!
We are certainly looking forward to the next App Challenge. So stay tuned for follow-up posts about the apps, the finalists and our next events. best George @gevou