This deliverable describes in detail the system architecture of the Phase II webinos platform. The primary areas covered in this deliverable are the detailed technical specifications for all of the major components of a webinos system; including the Personal Zone Proxy (PZP), Personal Zone Hub (PZH), common components of both PZPs and PZHs, and also the application interface. We also include an informative specification section detailing how some of the components work together and can be deployed. This deliverable does not include specification of the webinos API’s, neither does it address the security and privacy issues which motivate much of the architecture. Those aspects of the webinos platform are covered in the phase II API specifications and security framework deliverables respectively. This deliverable consists of six separate sub-sections and a Glossary document HLS -High Level Specification PZP – Personal Zone Proxy Specification PZH – Personal Zone Hub Specification CORE – Common/Core Components Specification APPS – Applications Specification INF – Informative Specification GLOS – Glossary

Access the online version here: http://www.webinos.org/content/html/D033/index.html

or download pdf: webinos-phase_II_architecture_and_components