In this report, the demonstration setup and demonstration activities are documented for the webinos project’s first phase.

With the documentation of concrete demonstration setups, this report aims to provide detailed demonstration scenarios, as well as instructions on how to set up and run each of the available webinos demonstrations and tutorials. With this information, webinos stakeholder should be able to easily set up, test, and present a specific demonstrator asset. Furthermore, via the demonstrators’ setup details in this report, users and developers should be able to better understand the fundamental concepts of webinos.

The second goal of this deliverable is to document the conducted demonstration activities. Communication activities regarding the preparation of webinos demonstrations are documented. This includes demo communication through blog posts, video publications, and the creation of demo handouts. Moreover, the report contains a detailed overview of selected events at which webinos assets were live demonstrated.

Terms & conditions

This report is a public deliverable of the webinos project. The project members will review any feedback received; updates will be incorporated as applicable. The webinos project reserves the right to disregard your feedback without explanation. Later in the year, update to the report may be published on www.webinos.org as well as being made available as a live and community maintainable wiki. If you want to comment or contribute on the content of the webinos project and its deliverables you shall agree to make available any Essential Claims related to the work of webinos under the conditions of section 5 of the W3C Patent Policy; the exact Royalty Free Terms can be found at: http://www.w3.org/Consortium/Patent-Policy-20040205/. This report is for personal use only. Other individuals who are interested to receive a copy, need to access http://www.webinos.org/downloads. For feedback or further questions, contact: editors@webinos.org

We’re looking forward to your feedback!

download pdf: D6.2_PUBLIC_report_of_phase_I_demonstration_setup_and_demonstration_activities