Have you ever been in the couch with your tablet pc or smart phone and wanted to tweet about the movie you were watching or post some funny quote that run into your mind but you were too bored to set the context of the tweet? Have you ever thought of taking a picture of the TV to set the context of the awesome joke you came up with? Well, if you did, webinos comes in to simplify the whole process and set the context for you.

We are proud to announce the webinos enabled tweeting (a.k.a. WET) application which combines all the information your devices have and you can share them in your tweets. This app allows you to incorporate in your tweets the following awesome info (and I will not even enumerate the geolocation info which is a common feature of twitter applications):

  • A screenshot of the channel you are currently watching on your television (through the TV API)
  • Textural info about the program you are currently watching (guess what, also from the TV API)
  • Your car speed or other vehicle information (through Vehicle API, although I would strongly advice NOT to tweet while driving… I tweeted a couple of times on the speed of my car while my girlfriend was driving, just to make fun her  😀 )
  • Post a picture stored on any device you have (through the media gallery API)
  • Tweet about sensor data you may be receiving on your devices (through the sensor API)
  • Fun facts/statistics of your lifestyle (thought the Context API)

And the list goes on and on. It’s really up to the developer to expose to you the capabilities he has been given by webinos!

webinos enabled tweeting also demonstrates the ability to easily integrate multiple devices in one app. Imagine tweeting about something on your TV. Now, remove the annoying TV control and get your mobile phone instead, to type your message! This is where webinos comes into play. WET uses any device you have as the input source (mobile phone, computer, arduino weird looking device with keyboard attached, etc) and displays your tweet or even the timeline on a separate device (TV, computer, arduino weird looking device equipped with huge monitor, etc).

The possibilities are limitless… Combine all your devices together and achieve your goal! That’s what webinos is all about…