This video uses advanced Non-linear video technology powered by BitTubes and allows you to browse through the video content. Move with your mouse over the highlighted images and text in the video and click on them in order to interact with the content and get further information about the demo.

Zap and Shake, the prototype app for management and navigation of shared media content which made its debut during the public webinos Launch Day, offers an easy and intuitive way of browsing through your files and channels. The application which was created with webinos technology demonstrates an easy way to access and stream seamlessly image, audio and video files from connected devices. In the following video a team from Fraunhofer FOKUS institute presents the technology behind Zap and Shake, going into detail about the diverse functions it offers.

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The essence of Zap and Shake is to demonstrate how we can connect the properties of diverse devices (here in particular but not limited to TVs and smartphones), using the webinos platform and complimentary Web technologies.

Our motivation was to create an interactive experience of accessing not only personal media but also broadcast media e.g TV channels on all your personal devices at any time.

Tell us what you think about this prototype application and get involved by developing your own webinos apps. Platform code is available at github, read as well the developer portal for more details.