In this document, the demonstration planning and evaluation framework for the webinos project’s phase I results is introduced. The webinos demonstration plan is defined to inform key stakeholders, and attract interest from outside the project consortium.

The plan aims to identify and bring forward webinos assets which lend themselves to be demonstrated to the public. The target audiences for demonstration include application developers, end users of applications, and decision makers from various industries. Furthermore, the demonstration plan outlines various types of demo approaches and an initial schedule in order to optimally demonstrate the individual webinos assets.The purpose of showcasing our webinos demos is to market the project,to spark discussions with interested parties, to recruit affiliates, and allow stakeholders to provide feedback and evaluate the various aspects of the project.

The webinos evaluation framework aims to enable the verification and validation of identified webinos assets. The characteristics and metrics for evaluating the results stemming from the demonstration plan’s execution are defined. Accordingly, a methodology is laid out to aggregate and evaluate the success ratio of the specified set of quality criteria. Moreover, the framework’s quality process performance is closely monitored for any optimization opportunities. Both through internal feedback aggregation, as well as by interfacing with the other webinos activities.

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