Sharing what you listen to, read, watch, or do across devices and between friends will be seamless using webinos enabled open source technology. With security and privacy built in, users will be able to select what they want from any device and choose the location and device on which to enjoy their books, films and media.

The webinos demo shows how with any three webinos enabled devices; TV, Phone, PC, you can remotely control your media in a way that lets you chose which device you want to use to control or use your media.

This demo shows how we can use our phones as a window into a world of media from connected devices and printed objects, making a seamless link between the media stored on one device and our desire to share and consume that media on another device in a secure way with control resting firmly with the user and using open source web technology designed by webinos.

Using web based applications, open source technology and non-proprietary devices the user can experience safe, secure and frictionless sharing of media between friends using the best device for the job.

Download Demo flyer here