Imagine if, when you get home, you can fire up your PC and remotely access all your contacts from your phone and tweet the exact screen shot of the TV you are watching. You can now tweet what you can see, hear and experience to all your friends, sharing your experiences and accessing data from all your personal technology devices, whether they are located around you, or left in the office.

Webinos code running on TV, Phone and PC enables information to be tweeted in a combined way, bringing you closer to people who aren’t sat with you. You can link all the information from the set top box into your tweet making the content of your tweets richer, with compelling imagery taken from your TV.

Webinos is about device sharing bringing TV, Phone and PC together, with data accessible from each device in a secure way. It’s about sharing your personal information and experience in a secure way between your own devices, and your friends.

Download the flyer here