This document outlines the analysis and process the webinos consortium undertook in order to identify the most suitable platforms upon which to realize and implement webinos. The process for analyzing and shortlisting suitable platforms is as follows: We analysed the technical, commercial and licensing/IPR aspects of 27 operating systems across 4 domains and 3 web rendering engines. This process provided a SWOT analysis and a verdict with regard to that operating systems appropriateness for the purposes of webinos. Additionally this report identifies specific device side integration issues that should be understood with regard to selecting the most appropriate operating systems. Our recommendations are that webinos should prioritize implementation on the following platforms:- • Windows 7 Desktop • Mac (desktop) • Android • Linux (Debian) distribution • Meego

Finally there are resourcing, governance, licensing and IPR recommendations provided which should guide the setting-up of webinos as an open source project. These recommendations acknowledge that webinos will be borrowing heavily from pre-existing upstream open source projects and as such there will be pre-existing open source obligations and requirements to be considered.

Access the online version here: http://www.webinos.org/deliverable-d026-target-platform-requirements-and-ipr/introduction/

or download pdf: Download Target Platforms, target Requirements and Platform IPRs