The first half year of the webinos project was strongly focused on determining the requirements and available assets for the webinos platform – assessing the grounds to built on and staking out the building site, in a manner of speaking.

The second half of the year was then centered on ‘drawing up the building plans’ – creating and specifying the architecture, defining the webinos platform. (The next half year will be spend building it – the first implementation phase.)

The webinos specification is now available online at:

It consists of three parts.

The first part describes and defines the overall webinos platform, structure and the interaction of its components.

The second part describes the specific APIs available on webinos devices.

The third part is the webinos security framework, which covers the policy based security and privacy elements of webinos.

While, in most cases, the public project deliverables, are provided as PDF documents, specifications are often used and referred to individually and in a non-linear manner, so we provide them in a web format (for easier access and bookmarking) as well as in PDF format (for easier printing and offline use).