webinos is: a collective project to make the web work for applications. webinos has a vision to build a multi-device, applications platform based on web technology that: – allows web apps to run seamlessly across multiple devices and to use resources across devices – allows web applications to communicate with other web applications and (non web components) over multiple device – links the application experience with the social network – achieves all of the above in a security preserving manner – explicitly targets the four distinct “screens”: the mobile, the PC, the in-car (automotive) and the home media (TV) devices

The intent in webinos is to translate the success of the web as a distributed document publishing system into a successful, distributed applications platform.

The webinos platform should be built upon and move forward the required open standards. This platform should have a concrete implementation that is accessible to all as an open source asset.

Technically, all of this should be achieved reusing the core development technologies that have already proven themselves on the Web (HTML and JavaScript), affording the benefits of speed of development and access to a large developer talent pool. The innovation webinos brings shall not just be technical; by embracing an open web culture, we hope to create an application framework that does not favour any particular corporation, and on which may parties can collaborate, and from which many companies benefit.

Terms & conditions

This report is a public deliverable of the webinos project. The project members will review any feedback received; updates will be incorporated as applicable. The webinos project reserves the right to disregard your feedback without explanation. Later in the year, update to the report may be published on www.webinos.org as well as being made available as a live and community maintainable wiki.

If you want to comment or contribute on the content of the webinos project and its deliverables you shall agree to make available any Essential Claims related to the work of webinos under the conditions of section 5 of the W3C Patent Policy; the exact Royalty Free Terms can be found at:


This report is for personal use only. Other individuals who are interested to receive a copy, need to access http://www.webinos.org/downloads. For feedback or further questions, contact: editors@webinos.org

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