What is webinos

Application Platform

A web based application platform that allows a developer to access native like capabilities through JavaScript APIs

Connected Devices Protocol

A set of interoperable protocols allowing a device to remotely user the services of another device

Security Framework

A security framework that protects applications running on all device types, and designed for cross device, inter person sharing

Run web applications on any device, making use of rich APIs that grant use of full power of the platfrom. Includes PCs, Mobiles, TVs, Cars and the full spectrum of Internet of Things devices


Open Source Software

Hosted in GitHub and available under a permissive Apache 2.0 license. Over 39 re-susable technology components, developed to be interoperable over 4 Operating Systems, to use in your own software

Full specifications provided for over 31 APIs, format packaging, protocols, security framework and core architectural elements.

All specifications are provided under a W3C compatible royalty free IPR policy.

Application Demonstration Gateways

To help demonstrate the versatility of webinos four application gateways have been created to demonstrate how webinos technology can deliver value to different vertical industries